About Us

My husband Cameron and I took over Sunshine Organics in January 2017 to continue providing the best local certified organic produce around the Sunshine Coast, just as Garry Turk did, the previous owner who established this beautiful business in 2007.

I’m coming from a family of organic farmers who used to grow potatoes, corn, beans, cassava and carrots in the mountains of the gorgeous country of Colombia.

I grew up playing and picking berries around the family farms with my sister and cousins, as well as helping shelling red beans while drinking hot chocolate made with fresh raw cow’s milk.

In 2014 I found myself battling a very rare sickness called chronic fatigue. After being misdiagnosed several times by my doctor and finding no cure for the symptoms I had, I decided to go back to the old organic lifestyle, when I was healthy and happy.

This lifestyle change opened my eyes to other healthier alternatives, and motivated me to get involved with, not just enjoying the benefits of an organic lifestyle but also sharing it with my wonderful husband, our gorgeous daughter Elena Lucia, and as many others that I can reach.

I believe that a healthy organic life is possible for everyone, and we are working hard to share the benefits, of not only supporting the local organic farmers, or for our personal health, but also for a chance of having a natural sustainable environment for us and our future generations.

We hope that you enjoy the experience of being part of this amazing project and thanks… we couldn’t do it without you.